Grayson Moon

Photo by : Kaitlin Newman

Baltimore based Singer-songwriter Grayson Moon brings a refreshing new experience to pop music. With an eclectic mix of song styles, Grayson's blend of soulful vocals over contemporary guitar and electronic instruments defies conventional genres, and builds a more emotionally driven relationship between the listener and the pop genre Starting from a very young age, Grayson trained classically in operatic voice. Whilst completing his studies at Shenandoah Conservatory, he was immersed in various styles of music. He began experimenting with a variety of bands, sounds, and instruments, which led him to further explore his own songwriting abilities. His debut EP "I Hope You're Ok" is a collection of songs by Grayson Moon in which he touches upon his personal experience with love, loss, and the space in between. Grayson recounts moments in his life with tableau like imagery, putting the listener directly into his thought stream.